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Table of Contents

Part I: False Promises

  • Education's History of Technotopia
  • Fooling the Poor with Computers: Harlem, New York
  • Breaking Down Rural Isolation: Hundred, West Virginia
  • Money, Bureaucratic Perfection, and the Parenting Gap: Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Starting from Scratch with a Computer on Every Desk: Napa, California
  • Computer Literacy: Limping toward Tomorrow's Jobs

Part II: Hidden Trouble

  • Bulldozing the Imagination
  • The Spoils of Industry Partnerships
  • The Research Game: Faith and Testing in Las Vegas
  • Education's Holy Grail: Teacher Training
  • Getting Real at New York's Urban Academy High School
  • A Word from the Army: KISS
  • The Human Touch
  • Conclusion: Bitter Lessons, Sweet Possibilities


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