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Bolick's Football 2014

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Blake Bortles has the arm strength to make NFL throws (vs SCAR 3Q 2:40), but he relies too much on his arm, often throwing with a collapsed front leg that doesn’t allow for proper weight transfer. He will throw off his back foot even when there is room to step into the throw (vs SCAR 4Q 13:19, vs USF 1Q 12:53) When he does so on downfield attempts, the ball hangs (@ LOU 2Q 12:04) and will be easily intercepted by NFL defenders. There is such a notable difference in zip on the rare occasions when he does end over”

Excerpt From: “Bolicks Football 2014.iba.” iBooks.




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Bolick's Guide to Fantasy Football Prospects 2014
Top Rookies at QB, RB, WR and TE. With hyperlinks to YouTube clips!

By JD Bolick
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