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Rae's links best site ever

www.don' superb musical things good gossip useful and pretty just write it down robotic hysterics


Mark's links

For other writing by Mark Jacobson see: look up Mark Jacobson Archive for articles from 1997 on for info on Gojiro and Everyone And No One


For more Gojiro reviews look at:


For family stuff see: a look at how they do it in India American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry The Administration for Children and Families ... the feds can be helpful a good site about learning disabilities for a history of child literature for Dads, lots of links


For travel sites see: the best links site great links for indie travelers great all-around worldviews


Some friends: the great country singer the great science-fiction writer for intellectual boxing fans only


Personal favorites (the weird and the fun): for people not in love with Dubya Libertarian theory find out how they're screwing us Center for International Policy. Interesting keeps watch on the mining industry. Really interesting the rationalist view if flying saucers exist, they know find out what your doctor doesn't know encyclopedia of cognitive science. Who knows what's inside that gray matter? the greatest human being ever to live



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