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Mark Jacobson has been writing for a living for the past 30 years, following his former career as a New York City cab driver, an infinitely more difficult and stressful job. After being shot at by a passenger/robber on 135th Street in upper Manhattan, he survived to write an article about his experiences for New York magazine in 1974, which was later adapted into the long-running TV series Taxi. Failing to get rich from this, alas, he became a full-time journalist. He has been a staff writer at the Village Voice, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, Natural History, and New York. He was the music critic and ethics columnist for Esquire. He is also the author of two novels, Gojiro, an official cult saga in which Godzilla gets to tell his side of the story, and the outrageously neglected Everyone and No One.

Rae Jacobson, whose work appears in the Talkback/Backtalk sections of 12,000 Miles, has cut through the tall weeds of high school and is currently surveying the taller weeds of real life. She does this from her perch in the Spanish section of south Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she types on her first novel.


Photographs by Nancy Bray Cardozo

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